Friday, April 19, 2013

ConnectedEDU Conference Learn By Doing Session on BYOD

At the inaugural ConnectedEDU Un/Conference, a team of teachers from around the state of Michigan will be presenting on something powerful from their classroom instruction toolbox. Each teacher had their classroom featured as part of the REMC of Michigan's Connected Educator Series Project. My classroom was featured in this series because of our use of mobile devices in the classroom. We run a Bring Your Own Device classroom, where students can participate with classroom activities using any device they choose. I have written about how this topic deserves more attention and consideration before, and my students have presented at the state capitol to legislators about the topic on our school's behalf as well.

Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD/BYOT, initiatives come in many forms, and have gained a lot of support recently, and I personally am looking forward to see where this movement goes in the coming years. The hands-on work session I will be doing at the conference focuses on 5 ways to incorporate mobile devices into your classroom.

These include:
  1. Facilitating class discussions
  2. Creating digital notes and notebooks
  3. Interacting with instruction
  4. Digital collaboration
  5. Assessment
For more information, check out the full presentation slide deck. Enjoy!


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