Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Blog Is On the Move!

Alas, it is time to say farewell to Blogger...

In the next month, I will be migrating my Blogger education blog to my new website, This website will serve as my Michigan Teacher of the Year hub for the coming year and will be the new home for blog posts, resources, and up-to-date information about my work in Michigan education. The new website will provide me more breathing room for housing all my content in one place. I will have resources for education, blog posts, media related to my classroom and presentations, books I'm reading and have written, as well as a place to contact me directly or request staff development, speaking engagements, or presentations for your organization or school.

While I have loved my time with Blogger and Google Sites, it's time to consolidate and have everything in one place for me. Thanks for following this blog all these years, and for your support of best practices in teaching and learning.

This blog will remain available, but will no longer house my latest posts. It will be a legacy blog, and serve as an archive. You can proceed to the blog page on my new website to subscribe and follow my latest posts about classroom teaching, educational technology, or my time as Michigan Teacher of the Year.

Again, thanks for following, reading, and supporting. Wish me luck as I try my hand at web design from scratch and kicking off the blogging training wheels!

Have a great rest of your summer and an awesome start to the school year!!